Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bias update as of now

I just thought I would give an update of what is going on with all of us:
-Just starting 10Th term in Chiropractic school! (there are only 10 terms) Yay! that means that he is graduating in December! We are so proud of him, he has passed each term with flying colors as well as all of the board exams so far. It has been a long 4 years for him, but we couldn't;t be happier for him.
-Still serving as Elders Quorum President in our ward. Seriously I don't know how he has time to do this one.
-Finds time occasionally to go surfing (He is currently as I write this). I think he is secretly glad that he conned me into staying in California just so he could continue to surf.
-Yes you heard it right, The Bias family is here to stay in California. It wasn't the plan at all, but you know how plans go right? Currently the plan is that he will be starting in a practice located in Yorba Linda/Fullerton/Brea/Placentia. What you may ask? I don't know where the practice really is but it is right in that area.
-Is the best daddy. Seth and Daddy are best buds!
-Is addicted to the show Prison Break that he is watching on Netflix. Has a secret romance with the main character Michael Scofield. Seriously Ryan loves him and wants to be him.
-Still enjoys making fun of his wife and is always up to something.
-I am loving the summer. We go to the beach all the time. I am enjoying my nice little tan I have got going. I am a little excited that I don't have to move away from the beach!
-Sewing all the time! I LOVE IT! I have made lots of projects lately that have been really fun. I recently took a class for my serger machine, an it has opened up a whole new world for me. I am glad I finally know what I am doing, and my machine is now sewing great!!
-Loves my little man! I love my big man too, but he knows that. Seth is the cutest little boy ever. More on that later.
-Still serving as the Young Women's secretary in our ward. Our girls are bomb.
-Dreaming of the day when we have a backyard and a washer and dryer. Seriously I think about wanting a washer and dryer all the time.
-Growing my hair out. I haven't cut it since Christmas. I think it looks butt ugly, but I am so sick of short hair (I have had it since 9Th grade) Hopefully I am just in the awkward length stage, if not I will have to cut it, cause it isn' t very cute.
-Dreading getting pregnant again. That beginning part is pure h*** for me. Sorry, it just is. I decided that I think the stork idea is a great one. Because all I want really is the baby.
-Is excited to move. Hopefully soon. I can't wait to decorate. I have never decorated our places yet just because I had the mindset that they were temporary. But I am tired of ugliness. I have been looking at lots of Internet sites for ideas. I am excited.
-Is 2 1/2 years old.
-He is huge. I don't know stats, but I always get comments like..."He is half your size.", "How do you carry him.", "Got yourself a little linebacker there." He really is big.
-I think it is weird that he is so big because he never eats. He is a pretty picky eater (What 2 yr old isn't though) , but it isn't really that he is picky, he just doesn't want to eat. So sometimes I don't care what he is eating, I am just excited that he is eating. Currently he has been eating Marshmallow Mateys for breakfast and dinner. I know awesome right?! Like I said I am just glad that he is eating.
-Currently he is addicted to the Disney movie Robin Hood (Ryan and Seth have bonded with this movie, it was Ryan's childhood favorite movie. Ryan will sit and point out all the characters to Seth and explain everything. It is precious)
-He also still loves Caillou, Curious George, and Max and Ruby Cartoon shows.
-Sleeps in a big boy bed now!!
-Likes to run with the big kids.
-Loves his Grandpa (papa as he calls him). He loves both Grandma's but he has this little bond with papa.
-Loves trains and fire engines. When he hears a whistle, honk, or siren of any kind he will put his hand up to his ear and say, "What's that?"
-Chews on his blankets. He started that when we took away his binkies when he turned 2.
-Nowhere close to potty training. He won't get even close to the toilet or his little potty.
-Has starting sleeping with a billion toys in his bed. It is has spiraled out of control! He first started asking for his letters. (he has a alphabet puzzle and he asks for different letters and will hold them. His favorite is O.), then he wanted his fire engine, truck (ambulance), and car (police car), Curious George stuffed animal, T-bone stuffed dog, Grover, and Elmo. Then last night he wanted his bead maze and blue ball and Mr. Potato head. Ridiculous right? He notices if one thing is missing. He cries and cries if we don't give it to him. Sometimes we give in and let him have them, but once he falls asleep I unload his bed and remove all the toys. I need to get a picture one of these nights.
-Talks up a storm. He is starting to get to the point where he is saying funny things.
-LOVES juice boxes. Thinks they are the bomb. Ryan and I want to invent a refillable juice box. I know that that's what sipee cups are, but they would have to look exactly like a sipee cup.
-Loves his friends, Max, Max, Mac, Matt (confusing right?), Luke, Jake, and lots of others.
-Calls daddy by his first name sometimes. Drives Ryan crazy.
-Loves to wrestle and rough house and read books in Mom and Dads bed.
Thats all I can think of for now. See you later.

Friday, August 19, 2011

You are almost there!!!

Ryan is almost there!!! Here he is holding his certificate and national board test scores. He passed the Physical Therapy Board Exam, and Parts 2 and 3 of the Chiropractic National Boards. Only one part left, part 4 which he will take in November!! He is now just starting his 10Th and last term of Chiropractic school!! We are so excited and terrified at the same time. We have and are still making some huge decisions right now. Nothing is completely Set in stone but we are planning on staying here in California where Ryan will start his career as a chiropractor beginning in December when he Graduates!!! Good Job Ryan we are so proud of you, the light at the end of the tunnel is here!! We can finally see it!!!

Random Picture Post

Here are just some random pictures from the last couple months:
Some nasty, huge bug on our bedroom window screen. YUCK.
I watched my friends son Max for a few hours one morning. They each had to have an Elmo and a blue train. (7/27/2011)
These pictures make me laugh every time I see them. One night I was making dinner and was having Seth paint to keep him busy. One time I look at him and he has this green mustache!! I think he must have drunk the water! But just the faces kill me!!! (6/28/2011)

Seth doing the Silly Hat dance. He was addicted to this one episode of Barney that had a song called the Silly Hat. In the song the kids all have hats and stand on this platform. Every time this song would come on in the episode Seth would frantically Search for a hat and his platform and he would try to copy the dance. It was so cute!! (6/28/2011)
Seth's classic whine face. (6/15/2011)
Sleepy boys (5/30/2011)
Peter Pan/Buzz light year (5/17/2011)
Silly Putty art by Seth (5/12/2011)
Daddy's shoes (5/10/2011)
Daddy on a mini bike pulling Seth around. (4/30/2011)

Baseball (4/22/2011)

Seth the Chiropractor

Ryan had his adjusting table out and Ryan laid down on it, and Seth just grabbed Ryan's neck and started moving it....Is he a future Chiropractor???

Seth's turn! (Seth giggles the entire time he is being adjusted)

The No Pay Bunts Softball team

Ryan has been playing on a Softball team for a couple of months now with a bunch of church and school friends. I love watching him, but honestly I have a hard time focusing on the game with watching Seth and I have to catch up with all the wives. It is a good time for all. Softball for dad, chatting for Mom, and dirt and kids for Seth!

Ryan on third base after his triple!! "Go Daddy Go." as Seth would say.
This was Seth after last weeks game. Long story why he doesn't have a shirt on and whipped cream in his hair...but don't you love all that yummy dirt?? Seriously Mother of the year right here

The Big Boy Bed (8/16/2011)

The time has arrived that Seth needed a Big Boy bed. I hadn't made the transition yet because he had never climbed out and we didn't have another kid coming that would be needing the crib. Until now....I put Seth down for his nap and I heard a thump and then crying...and then the door opened. He had climbed out and fallen!! I was actually worried that he had gotten hurt because he was pretty upset for a while but he eventually calmed down. That night when Ryan got home I explained what had happened..we put him back in bed to see if he would do it again..he swung his leg over the side of the crib without any problem. So off to the store we went to purchase a big boy bed. So far he has been doing great. I might have shed a tear or two while taking apart his crib!! But he just keeps growing faster than we want!!! Slow down little buddy!!

Sea World (August 9, 2011)

Since our original Anniversary trip plan didn't go through Ryan had an extra day off of school..So we decided to go to Sea World. It was seriously so fun. Seth LOVED it! Things like this are so fun now that he is bigger and he really enjoys them. We had a nice day seeing all the animals and shows. We ended up seeing the Shamu show, the Dolphin show, and the Sea Lion Show. Our favorite by far was the Sea Lion Show it was hilarious.

Starfish. (this is a big deal that I am touching it)

at the Dolphin show
Dolphin stadium

the Shamu show


The very loud Sea lions and Seals
The Sea Lion Show

Seth's favorite, the beluga whales, "wook the blue lagas!" Seth kept shouting!!

and then Seth found the penny press machine and turned the crank for seriously 15 minutes. We couldn't get him to leave it.

Here is a video of the seals and Sea lions. They were seriously so loud, it was hilarious. We were laughing so hard.