Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Halloween Costumes

This year for Halloween we were a peter pan family. I was Wendy, Ryan was John, and Seth was Peter Pan. I was really proud of my self because I made all of our costumes, and I even finished them in September! A week before Halloween was our ward's Trunk or Treat, which was fun. Then the Friday before we had our Young Married Group from our ward had a Adults only Halloween party that was bomb. We dressed up in our Woody and Jessie costumes from last year since I thought that without Seth we just looked like we were in or Pajamas. We even won an award! Sadly I didn't get any pictures there, but every one did such as awesome job with their costumes. I actually felt bad for winning because everyone Else's costumes were so good!
Our Friends the Gunn's were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles an April. (All of our friends dressed up but somehow we didn't get a picture of them. Sorry guys! I think Ryan had the camera...blame him!)
Then on Halloween we went to Corona for a Spooky dinner.

Seth's pumpkin....Just kidding it was mine!
Ryan's Pumpkin
Seth just liked sitting on them!

A Day Out With Thomas

Seth's face pretty much sums up how much he loved it!! Ryan's parents were the best and took us to "A Day out with Thomas." I guess every year Thomas comes to town and we got to go see him and take a ride with him. It was so awesome. Seth was so excited when he saw Thomas the train, even I got a little choked up!! (Ryan makes fun of me about it, but it is so exciting to see things through your children's eyes). The event was so fun, they had a petting zoo, bounce houses, art activities, and the best part was the giant tent that had about 9 train tables full of trains and tracks that the kids could play with. The funny thing was that every child came in with a smile, and left throwing a tantrum! Seth was not excluded from that...We told Grandma and Grandpa that you can judge how much fun they are having depending how big of a fit they throw! Seth threw the biggest fit then, that he has ever thrown...so it was a great time!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Just Random Pictures of Seth

Here are some random pictures of Seth over the past few months. He is just the cutest, funniest kid around...can't believe he will be 2 next week!!!! How did the time go by?? Wearing his Woody hat (or "WOOOIE" hat) Cool Shades Finally Seth decided he likes hats... Doesn't it make him look like a big kid? Ignore me in the picture...but I was just laying on the floor one evening and Seth just came and sat on my belly and laid back on my leg like it was a recliner and watched his cartoons! injury acquired while watching daddy play softball..it was a lot worse than it looked!! Looking at Bugs! You can't tell in the picture but there was a huge pray mantis on the green pole. Climbing on top of the train table...he does this to reach a train on the other side of the table instead of walking around. Laying on his blankets. This boy LOVES his blankets! he just rolls around on top of them and is in pure bliss!! I try to only let him have 2 or so at a time, but he always finds them and eventually he has all his blankets out. Pushing around his blankets in the shopping cart. "And when you get tired just tip your cart on the side and take a rest on a nice pile of blankets!" Seth likes to play with my lettuce keeper bowls. He will put one on his head, then yours, then switch.. over and over again. So I left the room for just a few minutes...when I returned tornado Seth had visited!! Best seat in town!!
Just because I thought they were cute!

White Coat Ceremony 9/16/2010

Oh Boy I am behind on Blogging!! I am trying to get caught up..but Holiday gift crafting and a huge project I am working on for Ryan is taking up all my free time. But hopefully in the next few days I will get caught up!! Wish me luck...

In September it was Ryan's White Coat Ceremony. At His school they hold this ceremony at the beginning of their 7th term when they start working in the clinic. It was exciting to see him getting that lovely white coat...meaning that the end is approaching!! Yay!!! Only one more year left!!! I tried to take a picture of his white coat being placed on him..but between my retardedness and the weird lighting on the stage they didn't turn out. So enjoy the family shot.