Saturday, August 14, 2010

Beach House 2010 and a Visitor!!

July 10-17 2010 was the annual BEACH HOUSE vacation with my mom's side of the Family. This year we were had a few people missing, but is was very fun indeed. It was really fun for my immediate family because all of my siblings (minus the husbands) with their kids were able to come. It was tricky with different nap times and finding places to put 3 pack n'plays but we survived, all a little tired, but we made it! It was so fun this year, but different than it used to be. Not as relaxing, but I guess that is what having a kid means! EXPLANATION on some of the photos---My Grandpa for years has brought a super old cabana and wears a lab coat to put it together so he doesn't get his clothes dirty. So Ryan thought it would be funny to bring his Lab Coat from school and wear it...only problem, this was probably the first time in a decade my grandpa forgot his.

I think the highlight was after the beach house my sister Hillary from Oklahoma came to stay with me for a week! It was so fun to have a visitor and go and do some fun things. Plus Seth was always in a good mood with his cousin Ben around. Although I don't know if the feeling was mutual! Enjoy the pictures!

2nd hair cut 7/2/2010

Seth's first hair cut was a disaster, he was completely flipping out, so I was a little worried about taking him again somewhere. But this time he was a little angel. I don't know if it was because he was sitting on Ryan's lap or watching Elmo, but it WORKED! Our little man got his second Haircut without any crying. That must be a record!

Yay! No more sweaty long hair!!!!

As I write this (since I am so far behind) he already needs another one, I hope it goes smoothly too!

Seth's Ear tubes 7/9/2010

Seth had a set of tubes placed in his ears, hopefully to help drain fluid from his ears to hopefully stop all his ear infections that he has been getting. From January to May 2010 we had 7 ear infections. It was a brutal winter and spring at our home, but hopefully with these puppies in, this year will go better! I will have to say I was pretty nervous, I know it is a routine procedure, but when it is your child it is a little nerve racking. I had tubes as a child and Ryan did also, so I guess Seth was just destined to need them! But I will have to say the whole thing was a breeze!! Except for trying to get him to wake up out of the grogginess. He woke up with super human strength, and I had two nurses for about an hour, helping me hold my child who had turned into a bucking bronco! We were all sweating in no time, but after a little while hecalmed down, and it was like nothing even happened. Sadly I forgot my camera, but I had my camera phone so the pictures are a little fuzzy.
Before the surgery Seth was in such a good mood despite not eating anything all morning, he was dancing and flirting with all the nurses. I swear at one point I think all the nurses in the surgery center were in a circle around Seth watching him dance, spin, and jump. The real fun began when they gave him some drugs to make him sleepy. He started to get really silly, and was trying to laugh but nothing was coming out. We were all just laughing at our drugged up little boy. I wished I had had a video camera, it was pretty awesome. But any ways enjoy the pictures from our first medical experience with Seth!