Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's My Party

On Sunday we had a Birthday party for Seth. We had some friends over, along with Ryan's Family! I made some soup served in Bread Bowls with a yummy Greek Salad. Seth didn't quite know what to do with all the presents before him. It is funny how they change so much when there are a lot of people around, because usually he LOVES paper and will attack anything made of paper, but he just sat there. I tried to help him but he could have cared less about seeing what was in them. But once he found out what was in them, he was excited. I was excited too, because now we have new stuff to play with!!! Here are some pictures from his party!!!

I wanted to continue a tradition that my mom did for us as kids. My mom would always make our Birthday cake in some sort of shape, So for Seth I decided to make an Alligator cake. Ryan took some pictures as I was working on the cake. I thought it turned out pretty good. Happy Birthday to our little Gator!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to You!!!

Happy Birthday my little man! Mommy and Daddy love you more than you know! Thanks for coming to be with us!!

***Pictures of his Birthday party coming soon!!***

Monday, December 7, 2009

Cold as ICE......

Last week Ryan took the ICE exams at his school. ICE exams are a big comprehensive test that is all material from the past 2 years of chiropractic college. The ICE exams are put on by Ryan's school only, but they are to prepare you for the first set of national Board exams that Ryan will be taking this March. Ryan's school always scores the highest on National Boards, probably because they do these ICE exams. Plus his school doesn't let you take Boards if you don't pass ICE. (I don't know what ICE stands for). So obviously for months Ryan has been constantly studying more than humanly possible. When he took the exams he came home and said that they were so hard and hoped he even passed. Well yesterday he got the Results.....Not only did he pass, he scored in the highest bracket on almost every test! We are so Proud of Ryan!!! Funny thing is after he got his results he fell asleep on the floor for like almost 3 hours! Talk about mental and emotional exhaustion!!!! So Bring on the National Boards!!!!! Only 2 more years left!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

random pictures

Here are some random pictures of the past month. They are just silly things that as a mother I may only find interesting, but maybe you will, or family members, who knows!

I took this picture because we have this walker that Seth hates to sit in, but he loves to stand up and hit the musical buttons and play with the toys, but notice how he has stepped up on the base?! If you know the little guy it will make you laugh, and least Ryan and I did.

So Seth is always playing our computer desk, pushing the printer on and off, opening the CD drive etc... I try to block it off or distract him away from it, but usually he gets to it anyways. But this is his favorite place to be, under the desk with the keyboard pushed all the way out, pushing buttons. It is kinda annoying if you are trying to work on the computer, anyways I just love his sneaky little smile.

Seth is officially my kid. He loves blankets. I had one, and still have a favorite blanket that I wrap up in at night. I never pushed this on him, but he loves his blankets. when he gets a hold of one, he tries to shove as much of it as he can in his mouth, and then rubs his face in it. Weird I know. But he now knows what drawer I keep them in. So every day he opens up the drawer and gets them all out and tries to shove them all in his mouth. Thankfully he hasn't latched on to one specific blanket, but he only likes the waffle knit (or thermal, whatever they are called) blankets. Notice in the picture he has like 5 blankets pulled out surrounding him! crazy kid

Doesn't he look really grown up??

So I was folding towels and Seth crawls up and buries his face in them and starts chewing on the towels, I tried to get a picture of it, but Seth knows the camera now, and will stop what he is doing and smile (good sometimes, but bad when you want some candid shots) Still I just thought the picture was cute.

This was my last knitting project, a Turkey. I will have to admit this was my first time knitting a toy, so it doesn't look the greatest, but it was fun. I really want to get into toy knitting because there are some cute things out there. You can only make so many hats, scarves, and blankets when you live in Southern California! Just thought I would share.

Step by Step........

Seth is venturing into walking territory!!! He is starting to take his first steps!! CRAZY!!!! He actually does a little better than this, but the little monkey stops when we get the camera out! Just thought family would enjoy seeing the start of this milestone for Seth.

Thanksgiving in Big Bear

This year for Thanksgiving we went up to Big Bear. Ryan's parents were nice enough to rent a cabin for all the family to enjoy! It was fun, but stressful at times because of the unpredicted snow storm that left us with almost a foot of snow on the day we were trying to come home!!! Before we left I checked the weather and it said it would be in the 60's up there so we didn't take any heavy jackets, boots, gloves, etc...!! We sure did need them, but it worked out in the end. I wish I had been better with taking pictures, but enjoy what I did take! Fun times with good food, fun games, and good company = a successful trip!!!