Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sorry for the blog overload...but we have been busy lately! Actually the real reason is that when I get free time, I would rather sew! I had to take my machine to the shop because it isn't sewing properly...So I guess I decided to update my blog!!! I do feel much better now that I am all caught up. Maybe I will post some of the things I have been working on... we will see!

Audrey Marie!!

Welcome to the world Miss Audrey Marie!!! Ryan's sister Danielle had her 3rd baby girl on September 2, 2010. We love that little girl so much already!!! I loved holding her...Oh babies how I love them!!!!

Danielle, Ryan, and Audrey

Big Sister not wanting Aunt Lindy to hold Audrey!
Congratulations Cryder Family!
Grandpa playing with Seth at the Hospital.
**Funny Side note** As we were leaving Danielle's room I said, "I feel like this was my room I was in when I had Seth." When I got home that night I went and looked through my stuff, and sure enough we were in the same room!!!


We made another trip down to Hollywood. This time we went to the Hollywood Wax Museum, The Guinness World Record museum, and we walked around and looked at the stars on the ground, and Grauman's Chinese Theater. Unfortunately I forgot my Camera! But I took some photo's of the wax museum on my phone (sorry for the poor quality). But we had fun looking at all the stars and seeing the sights.
Ryan and Samuel L. Jackson

Charlie's Angels, Can you find me??
Adam Sandler in Bedtime Stories.
Lindy and the very short, Tom Cruise!


We were super lucky and inherited a day at Disneyland from my sister who was visiting back in July, when she didn't use all the days on her 3 day pass she bought. THANK YOU HILLARY. We had so much fun! We went with our good friends, The Gunn's who have season passes. We had a blast, we made it on so many rides between fast passes and parent rider switch. I think we went on everything! I think it was the funnest day I have had a Disneyland in a long long time. Mac and Seth were so good too, never complained at all during the 10 hours we were there! It was Magical, Thanks again Gunn's and Hillary for the tickets!
Couldn't get a good picture while riding on the Tram to get to the park. I Just thought all of them were funny!

This picture of Seth just melts my heart!!
Small World. During the ride Seth was dancing in his seat to the music!

Griffith Observatory

We made a trip to Hollywood to the Griffith Observatory. It is quite famous it has been in a bunch of movies. Recently if you have seen "500 days of summer" or "Yes Man" you may recognize it. While driving there we realized that we live in a great location, we are so close to L.A. and all the sights....but what should only take 30 min. takes and 90 or more min. I guess that is why we don't venture out much. Anyways I was so glad we went to this outing. It was a blast.
Driving into the L.A. pollution!!!
Hollywood Sign

The Telescope
Having a snack break in the shade.
"I think I get it Mr. Einstein!"

Then we went walking for a bit on the "Hollywood Hiking Trail." Which is also famous....Have you ever watched the show on MTV, "The Hills" well I recognized it from when Lauren and Audrina would take walks there. Okay I am a nerd...but if you are a nerd like me I thought you would think it was cool!!

August 8th 4 YEARS!!!

In August we celebrated our 4Th Wedding Anniversary! Crazy that it has been 4 years already.. but it has been the best. Isn't it awesome that you can be with your best friend forever. I love my Ryan so much and we may not be like other couples..but we were made for each other. Don't you just love my gift!!! A Jo Ann's gift card in Jello...that is definitely LOVE!!!! I am a lucky girl.

We celebrated by going to Knott's Berry Farm with our season passes, without Seth. We finally could ride a ride together! It was a blast, but we are getting old...we were planning on getting a treat after... but we were both feeling a little nauseous and dizzy!!! HA HA