Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some of Seth's Favorite Things

Watching Toy Story with Woody on his sholders just like Andy

Going to the park. He seriously asks everyday to go. Sometimes when I don't have anything going on....we may or may not go twice in one day.

I hope one of his favorite things is Mommy or "Meme" as seth says!


This past week I tried Painting with Seth. He really liked it. The whole time he kept saying "Pinking, Pinking, Pinking" He now asks to do it all the time.

His first Paintings!

A new activity

Seth has discovered how fun it is to stand at the sink and play in the water. He stood there for several minutes which was huge for him. These days I struggle with finding something for him to do while I try to get something done. So this was pretty exciting. Also notice the awesome cheezer smile that seth now gives the camera! Ha Ha

Swimming Hat!

A swimming hat is what Seth calls it. It is an ear bandit that I ordered recently so it will keep the earplugs in his ears to keep them dry since he had his ear tubes put in last July. I know it is a little late to just start doing it now but we haven't been dunking him in the tub or letting him go under when we have gone swimming. We won't usually put it on him during the bath but we wanted to see if he would keep it on. He loved it because I kept telling him it was for swimming. So he started say "Beach, Beach?" I guess he wants to go to the beach. We just thought it looked cute and hopefully he will continue to not fight us this coming summer about wearing it.

Monterey Bay, CA

The weekend of March 11 we attempted our first road trip as a family. The destination Monterey Bay California. Why?? To go to a free (for students) chiropractic seminar about Golfing. I won't pretend that I know what they learned or what it was for I was really just excited to get out of town and so something fun. Even better our friends The Gunn's were going to be coming too!! Mac and Seth are the best of buds as well as the best enemies. I will tell you it was amazing to have a built in friend for 3 days. The second they woke up from naps or in the morning they were asking for. It was awesome. I was a little nervous about the drive (6 hour drive) with our horrible car seatrider...but Seth did amazing. I totally underestimated him. But I think any longer would have put us all in an insane asylum! So the adventure began Friday afternoon. We took off as soon as we could after the boys got out of school. We pulled up to our awesome motel that Allie reserved and we were so excited to have side by side rooms. The boys were constantly going from room to room following each othe around. We made it in enough time to go walk around Fisherman's wharf in Monterey Bay. I would have to say I was pretty scared there were some homeless people following us around, good thing we had husbands with us. But it was fun...but so so cold, not like our Southern CA weather we are used too. We watched some real life otters and leopard seals swim around the bay. Seth kept calling them Sharks! The next morning the boys went off to their seminar and us girls and the little boys got ready for our adventure at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We got there about an hour before it opened so we walked around Cannery Row and looked at all the shops and enjoyed the view. The little boys kept climbing the fence trying to get to the ocean or the sand. We finally got to go in the Aquarium and it was amazing. It was so cool to see all that the ocean has within it. I noticed a big change in Seth's interest since the last time that we went to the Aquarium of the pacific in Long Beach last summer. Seth actually caught on that there were cool things to see in all the tanks. So he would go from tank to tank and after each one he would say "Something else?" Some other funny things he said while we were there.... He would call all the fish sharks...even though he knows the word fish. He called the otters doggies, and he called the jelly fish drums. The Aquarium was so so fun. The boys started to lose it so we decided to take them home and let them take naps. They both fell right to sleep...and so did the moms!! When we all woke up we decided to go back to the aquarium and let the boys run wherever they wanted to and look at whatever. It was so nice since it wasn't as crowded. Then the husbands called to say they were done so we met up with them for some dinner. We ate at great place that served seafood for everyone else and a great pizza for me! The next day the boys went off to their seminar and we went off to find a park for the boys to play at....and boy did we find a park. I can't explain to you how amazing this park was. It puts all our parks to shame. In fact when we pulled up I couldn't believe it was a public park and that it was free. We played for 2 hours at the park. When the little boys started to have meltdowns we decided to leave but it was amazing. The husbands only had a half day of seminar so we met up with them and started our trek home. This time we drove down the 1 freeway to enjoy the view. It was amazing to say the least. We did stop off and enjoyed looking at the elephant seals laying all over the beach. The little boys enjoyed putting rocks through the fence and terrorizing the squirrels rocks. It was such a fun little vacation.

The pictures are all out of order. I don't know how to fix them on blogger ...but you get the point right??

Eating at dinner. Seth having a typical melt down on the floor.

Playing at the Aquarium

The finding nemo tank.....Seth found all the fish and said their correct names.


The awesome roller slide at the Amazing park.
Seth was in heaven climbing around on the lifesize train at the park.

Elephant seals

Poor Squirrels!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You Little Stink Pot!!!

So last week I lost my wedding ring. It was so weird because I only take it off to either take a shower or put lotion on, and when i noticed it missing was right after I put some lotion on. I felt like I had Alzheimer's, I couldn't remember when the last time I had it. It never just falls off, and I hadn't been anywhere but the church and target. I called and checked both places several times. We looked all over the house with flashlights, and dumping out all the drawers. It was gone. I was physically sick about it and devastated. So a few days later Ryan had given Seth a bath and was putting lotion on him. Ryan had taken off his ring and had it on the counter. Seth grabbed his ring and tried to put it in the overflow drain (the little hole at the top of the bowl of the sink). I was down in the laundry room when all this was going on. When I came upstairs Ryan was under the sink taking the whole drain a part. I Said "No way, No way!" and was jumping up and down I was so excited. That little stink pot put my ring down the overflow drain!!! I just think about what would have happened if Seth hadn't tried to do that with Ryan's ring, we would have never found it. Now if I ever take my ring off it goes in the medicine cabinet where little boys can't get it!!!!

Can you see the diamond??

Trying to fish it out!!

Balboa Island Train Museum

This past weekend I just felt like we needed to get away. So we headed down to my Aunt Lani's house in San Diego. It was a nice break because Seth loved my cousin Amanda who is 9, he just followed her around and played with her all weekend. We went to Balboa Island Train Museum one day. Seth was in heaven! He got frustrated sometimes because he couldn't hold the trains. One of the rooms had a button to make a train go and so that helped relieve the frustration a bit. We also walked around the park a bit and found a cute little train to ride. While riding the train Seth kept saying, "All Aboard...Choo Choo." it was so cute. We also went on a very long carousel ride. Thanks for the fun weekend Gartons.