Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Knitting for Mikelle

About a month or so I did a bunch of knitting for my friend Mikelle who is starting her photography business. She needed a bunch of props for photo shoots and I happily obliged! I love an excuse to find fun patterns and knit to my hearts content. Here are some of her pictures using my items. www.MikelleNewman.com is where you can see more of her wonderful stuff. And if any of you want anything made, don't hesitate to ask!


Seth got his first hair cut!!! His hair was getting so straggly....comments at church were being made, such as "an old mans comb over," so my friend Naomi (who had her baby 3 days later!) cut his hair. He looks so grown up now! We found out this little boy LOVES strawberries! So I was unloading groceries and had my back turned towards him, when I turned around the package of strawberries were spilled all over the floor and Seth was taking bites out of one. I was so surprised to see him just munching the strawberry. (I tried to not care that it hadn't been washed yet!) This made me laugh so hard!!! I got out my car seat because I was making a car seat cover for my friend Naomi (the one who cut Seth's hair) and needed to take some measurements. I left the room for a second and when I cam back Seth was sitting in it watching T.V!!!!! I was dying!!!! But it is also fun to put my balls in it!! I was having fun and decided to see how much he had grown. Notice where the shoulder straps are! For some reason he always knocks over his shopping cart and slides in between the basket and the lower shelf-basket thing! What a weirdo! one day that Dad got him dressed! How clueless can you be? The onesie over the pants?? You can imagine the look I gave Ryan!

Seth Spinning! (Don't miss the spill at the end!)

Seth has started to dance to music!
Some other things new this month:
-Seth FINALLY said Mama!
-Ryan took the first set of National Boards for Chiropractic school (we will find out the results in about 5 more weeks)
-Seth loves Sesame Street!!
-We survived our first road trip, with a child that hates the car and car seat, to Arizona for a cousins wedding. (We survived thanks to a constant stream of Baby Einstein on a DVD player)
-Seth is improving his running skills
-Getting nearly impossible at church....2 more months til nursery!! The funny thing is he knows where all the kids are so he tries to run in the room with all the kids after Sacretmeeting.
-LOVES balls, he is getting pretty good at throwing
-Went to the beach last Saturday! He was running around chasing birds, rolling in the sand and having a ball!!!
-and best of all he gives wonderful open mouth kisses!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Seth's 1st Birthday Pictures

Back in December we had Seth's 1st birthday pictures. They turned out so cute. Thanks to my friend Winter Collins who always does such a good job. Thanks Winter. Check her out www.winterswonderlandphotography.com

Those Eyes Just Melt My Heart!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Thursday!!!

Craig Park

These pictures are from a few weeks ago when we went to probably our favorite park here in Cali so far. It is Craig Regional Park. Right by the 57 freeway behind the yummy "The Hat" restaurant (Pastrami!!!!) It is gigantic park with walkways in trees and streams, we love exploring this park. (If you want to go park on the street because they make you pay if you want to drive in there) I think a perfect mid afternoon activity would to go to the Hat and exploring this park some more. Any takers????

This little boy loves the swing!! He giggles so hard the entire time he is in the swing!!

(What was I doing??)

Riding the pony!

Seth is a truly a boy, he loves finding sticks and digging in the dirt!! I just thought these were kinda fun. Sorry for the picture overload!!

Digging in the dirt with Dad.

Daddy removing some dirt from his mouth!

"But Mom I don't want to go home yet!"