Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oklahoma Trip (April 2011)

I had a blast visiting my oldest sister Hillary in Edmond, Oklahoma. Her family is there while her husband Kyle is doing his oral surgery residency. Thank you Sorensen's for all you did for us while we were there and we love you so much and miss you guys!! Anyways, I have never been to Oklahoma so it was really great and exciting to visit a new place. Seth and I embarked two long (long for a 2 yr old) flights to get there. I bought some new Curious George Books and DVD's to make the flights go by faster. The only problems we had was when we had to turn off the DVD player to land. Seth did not like that at all. But we made it and were so excited to be greeted by Hillary and her son Ben! Seth and Ben were the best little buddies. They only had problems when they were fighting over sharing Trains. But other than that they were best friends.
Putting buckets on your head and running around is lots of fun!!

We visited this park....with the scariest slide in the world. I was even scared to go down it!
We visited Bass Pro Shops and shot the gus!!

We walked around downtown Oklahoma and saw the boats going down the water way.

We saw the giant statues at the Oklahoma land run memorial.

Gave cousin loves with matching Jammie's!

Visited POP's on Route 66 and had some gourmet soda's!

Visited a train Museum!!!

Seth tried wearing some of Ben's big boy undies!

We had lots of fun running around a in the backyard (so so wish we had one!!)

Had lots of fun having Baths! Blowing bubbles!

More to come!!!!