Friday, September 21, 2007

A Year In Review!!!

On August 8, 2006 Ryan and I were married!!! (Can you believe it has been a whole year already???)
Then it was off to beautiful Cabo San Lucas for our Honeymoon!!
We love Mexico!!!
Ryan being......RYAN!!!
We went to Lagoon for my cousin Josh's Birthday. How do you like Ryan's costume????


The Halloween Crew!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
This is a picture of our parking lot as we were leaving for a nice little weekend in the very warm and sunny California to be with Ryan's family!!!
Ryan and I feeding the dolphins at Sea World. This was my (lindy) first time ever feeding a dolphin, as well as my first time at Sea World. I loved it! Thanks Jay and Cheryl!!!
Me and our beautiful blue-eyed niece Corrine who lives in California!! (were coming soon!!!!)

Ryan and Janelle
Ryan waxing his surfboard before he hits the waves at Huntington Beach.
Merry Christmas!!!
The Cryder Family (Ryan's Sister and Family) were up in Utah for another family members wedding. Guess who got to play the fun aunt and uncle at the zoo????
On the train!
Janelle with the peacock!
Sisterly Love at its finest!!! ( I love this picture)
So that has been a year for us. As I have been doing this post I have realized that we are terrible camera people and need to learn to carry our camera with us more often. That is our new goal with this fun blog. Well I hope you have enjoyed our year as much as we did!!

Computer Trouble

So I am really upset because our computer at home does not like the blogging thing! I try everyday to post lots of pictures and it never wants to work. Ryan is working on trying to get new spyware or something for our computer. Until then our blog might be a little drab. I am so sad but hopefully we will be up and running soon. (It probably is a sign saying, "Lindy instead of working on your blog you should do your homework!"---What can you do when you are graduating in two months???)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Whats going on!

I thought that maybe I should give you an update about what Ryan and I have been up to lately!!I guess lets start with the crazy haired guy that I love so much!!! This summer Ryan was officially accepted to Southern California University of Health Sciences Los Angeles College of Chiropractic!!! (Long name huh??) and we are so excited because maybe we will be a little closer to making real money. But I am so proud of him for working so hard in all of those organic chemistry and cellular biology classes. He is really glad to be done with those classes!! He would have graduated with his bachelors this summer if he could have gotten in to his last organic chemistry lab in the summer, but as you know things have to be complicated and he is taking just the one class this fall (lucky guy) and will graduate with a degree in Biology this fall from UVSC here in Orem, UT. Besides school he still works at The Home Depot, in the flooring department, where he is king of tile, carpet and laminate flooring. He has a fun time at work but is ready to leave for California and hit the beach with his surfboard. (We'll see how much surfing he does while in school!!!) Other than work and school, Ryan spends his time making kettle corn for a local highschool football team, doing random tile and countertop jobs with friends who have small businesses, and watching ESPN. Since college football has started my husband has lost interest in anything else!!Whats up with me??? Well I am in my last semmester at the University of Utah, where I will be graduating with my degree in Human Development, and Family studies, and with an emphasis in Child Life. Believe me I am counting down the days til I am homework free!!! I am so ready to be finished I can hardly stand it. I still have a full schedule of classes this fall, and I have the worst case of "senioritis!" Besides school, I also work full time at Timpanogos Regional Hospital in Orem, as an OB Tech in Labor and Delivery. Yes, I do have the best job! I assist in every labor, as well as scrub in for C-sections. The best part of the job is being able to witness the little miracles that are born into the world, every day that I work. I will admit that it is a very stressful job, but it is very fun at the same time. Currently I have to work nights (6 pm-6 am), hence this blog I created at 1 am. I am not a fan of working nights, but being new on the job I had to take the shifts no one wanted. But starting in October I get to work two days , and one night, which will be awesome. Other than work and school I like to sleep, and go shopping! Exciting huh???Ryan and I don't get to see eachother much but we are looking forward to December where we will both be quitting our jobs after Graduation, and heading out to sunny California for a new adventure!!

Trying to figure out this blog thing...

So I was bored at work last night and created this blog at one in the morning!!! I was all excited to make it fancy when we had about 5 women who were all very much in labor walk in, so of course I never had a chance to work on it. But now I have realized how computer illiterate I am! (I don't think I could have figured it out at 3 am anyways!)
Hello everybody! I decided to join the blogging craze because everybody makes it look like so much fun. I know that our life is probably not that interesting, but since we are heading out to California in a few months (away from my family!!) I thought that it would be cool to keep in touch this way. So sorry for my sad attempt at a blog, but here we go!!