Monday, November 16, 2009

Seth's 8 month Pictures

I had some pictures taken by my good friend Winter when Seth was 8 months. I never got around to posting them. They are fantastic! Thank you Winter!!! (just a side note--The picture with Seth and I, I wasn't planning on being in the pictures but she made me get in one...I had no make up on or anything...the wonders of Photoshop!!) Enjoy our cute Baby!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

11 Months

I am now 11 months old. My parents can't believe it! I am getting so big. Yesterday I went to the Doctor. I am 25 lbs and 30.5 inches tall, that is the 85Th percentile! I crawl faster than my mommy can run! I also walk along all the furniture, and get into everything!!!!! I love to pull things off of shelves!!!
I still like to growl like an animal. I mimic everything I hear, I even fake cough!!! I can give kisses, but only to mommy. I like to give high-fives too!! I love books, my favorites are Baby Beluga and a Halloween book that my Great Grandma Mamo gave me. I just sit quietly and flip the pages of my books, my mommy thinks it is so cute. Yesterday I was standing at the couch and I let go and I stood up for almost 30 seconds..NO HANDS MOMMY!! Oh yeah and guess what?? I have Six teeth (4 on top and 2 on bottom). Every where I go people stop my mommy and tell her I am the cutest kid they have ever seen!! I have a silly personality, I laugh and give smiles all the time! I am such a pleasant little kid to have around, and my mommy and daddy sure do love me lots!! 1 year old here I come!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Let me just start out by saying, I Love Halloween!! I don't understand why some people don't love it?? Anyways this year I made Halloween costumes!!! It was totally awesome. Ryan was Woody, I was Jessie, and Seth was Buzz Lightyear. Actually I lied I didn't make Seth's costume, it was a bag costume (I know terrible!) but it would have been so hard to make it, and for him to grow out of it is like a day, not worth it. For the weekend we went up to San Diego to my Aunts house because my Grandparents are visiting from Utah. So we decided to spend the Holiday with them. Their neighborhood had a block party so it was fun to show off our Halloween costumes to someone, after I spent so long making them. We took Seth around to a few houses just for fun, but returned home cause it was getting cold!! But we had a fun time!! I love Halloween!! Happy Halloween!! My fantastic Grandparents or as we like to call them, Mamo and Oohoo!! (they even dressed up!!) Woody and Jessie!! So it is hard to tell, but those costumes are totally handmade except the hats and my wig. Other than that all handmade, I had to make up my chaps and Ryan's vest out of thin air. Ryan made our rams head belt buckles out of cardboard, we got a yellow dress shirt at goodwill and drew with red fabric marker for the stripes. and I added the yellow and red rick rack to a white dress shirt. They turned out awesome, We got so many compliments. I don't care how old I am I am going to continue dressing up. I think that Adults that don't dress up are SO LAME!! Yeah I said it, LAME LAME LAME!!! Toy Story Family Buzz Lightyear We had a Halloween miracle. The week before Halloween I tried Seth's costume on him, and he was busting out of it. The snaps were being pulled open.I didn't know what to do. But on Halloween we put it on him, and it fit!! A Halloween Miracle!
So this is my hilarious cousin Andrew. He is in 7Th grade, and he worships Billy Mays (the oxy clean guy) My Aunt said that when he died Andrew went into a depression for a couple of days. For Halloween Andrew was Billy Mays!!