Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Seth at 3

Can't believe our little man is 3. Here is what he is up to....
-Most frustrating thing...not potty trained yet. We have been trying very hard but he is not having it!!!
-Sleeps in his big boy bed, but between 3 -5 in the morning we will find him asleep on our floor.
-Loves Max and Ruby the T.V. show
-Addicted to playing computer games on and
-Favorite attraction at the park....the swings.
- Still a picky eater..but here are his favorites or what he asks for: peanut butter and honey sandwiches, pizza, Gerber toddler hot dogs, chicken nuggets, pizza, wheat thins, goldfish, apple juice, black cookies (aka Oreo's), apples, oranges, pears, grapes, strawberries, raw carrots, frozen pretzels, Root Beer, French Fries, and ice cream cones.
-takes 1 nap still from about 2-5 pm
-our favorite phrases... "Can't want it" and "Can't know". "That's perfect."
-Favorite books, "We're going on a bear hunt", "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom", and "Good Night Moon."
-When asked how old he is ....he says 4.
-Loves all his friends...especially the ones from the La Habra Ward. He just lights up around them.
-Loves his blankets
-Knows all shapes, colors, and letters
- Likes to go to football practice with dad and "hike it"
-Loves to wrestle and rough house
-is 38 lbs and 38 1/2 inches tall, size 9 shoes, 4T clothes. Still a little bit of a linebacker, but he has slowed down a lot...or everyone else is finally catching up to him.
-Does not really understand that he is going to have a new sibling, we talk to him about it a lot, but he said he wants mommy to have a park?????? Sorry buddy it is not going to be a park, it is a brother!

We love little Seth. Although he is very stubborn, independent, and very strong willed we wouldn't have him any other way. On those hard days that is what I try to tell myself at least!!!

I guess we have an announcement!!

12 weeks
18 weeks
Everyone knows we are expecting again..but for the blog/family history sake I need to update. We found out I was Pregnant again in October 2011. I was excited that we were expecting again but so so so nervous that I would miscarry again. The doctors were great and let me come in every 2 weeks to checkup on the baby during the first trimester. I was sick and felt crummy as usual. It was hard having the energy to be so sick during all the holidays and Seth's Birthday. I tried my best to make them special but I know if I had been feeling better I would have done a little more. But now I am 26 weeks and feeling great. We found out on Jan. 30 2012 that we will be welcoming another BABY BOY to our family around June 28. I am so excited to have another baby. Although I am feeling him rolling around and kicking I still am a little scared and haven't started working on the baby book and all my sewing projects I want to make for him. I guess I feel like I am jinxing it. Ryan thinks I am psycho...maybe it will take holding that sweet Little boy in my arms to finally get it to sink in. By the time he arrives it will have been 2 years that we have been wanting to have another addition. For some I know that is nothing and they have waited much longer and have gone through a lot worse than I have, but I feel like he is so wanted and ready to be loved by all of us. But the past 2 years have been really tough and tried our patience and faith. Although our boys will be farther apart than we originally wanted I think it will work out great in the end and we just have to adjust our time frame with Heavenly Fathers time frame. Which isn't always easy to do.
Baby Weston James we can't wait to meet you!!!

Random Pictures

Seth looking handsome for church in a bow tie made by mommy.
Sometimes life sucks! Getting your diaper stuck on your bike handle super sucks... ha ha ha.

My handsome sleeping boys after church one Sunday.