Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meet our friend George

This is George. George is a very special monkey, he does not have any ears. But don't you worry, George has a very thoughtful creator. She knit him his very own Beanie so all the other sock monkeys would not make fun of his special condition. George is very excited and can't wait to meet his special friend Seth.

***If you are wondering why he doesn't have any ears....I screwed up his ears and did not have enough sock to make new ones. So the hat was our "fix" for the problem!! But I still think he is cute, and I don't think Seth will mind.***

Another Baby Shower

On Nov. 8th was my baby shower here in California. My good friend in the ward, Winter threw me a fabulous baby shower. She was so sweet to put it all together. It was so amazing to see all the support from great friends! I am truly blessed with wonderful people in my life. Thank you everyone!!


Cute outfits!


Me and Winter

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lindy's Utah Trip

Here is a recap of my trip that I took to Utah recently. First on the slide show is a few pictures of my Baby Shower that my family threw for me. So many people came, I didn't know I was so popular!!! (J/K) But thank you everyone!!

Next was on Halloween my High School girlfriends had a Halloween party! I didn't have a costume planned so I dug through my mom's never ending Halloween costume box and found a Caveman costume that fit me! It was a fun party and great to catch up with everyone.

Then the rest of the pictures are of my Niece McKayden. She is such a sweetheart that I just kept taking pictures of her. But my trip was really fun. I think that I had lunch with a different person each day and the wonderful restaurants that California doesn't have (Training Table, Rumbi's, Cafe Rio, and Italian Village!!) Yummy!! It was so great to see everyone and I loved hanging out with the family. Thanks everyone for a great trip!!

While I was in Utah I was lucky enough to be there for my mom's themed Halloween Party. This year it was the new "Willie Wonka." It was really fun to dress up and see everyone else's costumes! If you know my mother you would know that she doesn't take Halloween lightly, she goes all out. I am sorry that I don't have better pictures of her costume that she made from scratch!! As well as the spooky dinner. But my cousin Paige took a lot of pictures so hopefully you can see them on her blog (Aase Family).