Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I got asked to PROM!!!! Yay!! So our ward is having an adult prom for a valentine's day activity this weekend. And ever since Ryan found out about it he has been saying that he is boycotting it and said we weren't going. He just wanted to go out by ourselves, which I do too, but I felt really interested in going since I think the activity is funny and all of our friends were going. But I knew he didn't want to go so I wasn't really pushing it. So I am in the Young Women's presidency in our ward and for a fundraiser for camp we sell Heart Attacks ( you know where you put hearts all over someones car or front door). So Ryan all sneakily bought one with out me knowing( which was probably hard since I am involved with the fundraiser) and got the supplies early because we are doing heart attacking this weekend. So on Monday Ryan was home for lunch, and I had just put Seth down for his nap and started sewing. So I guess Ryan was in the bathroom pretending to use the bathroom while he was doing this. He then comes out and has the door shut with the fan on (which signals to me "STEAR CLEAR IT REEKS IN HERE!!) He kisses me goodbye and leaves back to school. It wasn't until probably 3 hours later that I go in there. It just stopped me dead in my tracks!!! It was awesome. There were hearts all over and PROM?? was written in toothpaste. Isn't that just awesome!!! Never mind the fact that in the note he is still trying to get out of it. Sorry buddy, we are going now for sure!!!! So sorry to confuse you all but I had to answer him so I did it on the blog. It actually worked out because our blog is our homepage when you get on the Internet. When he came home that night he jumps right on the computer to do homework and found the cutest little boy giving him his answer!!! Hopefully I will remember to bring my camera to Prom and post pictures of our night out!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

My Answer is.....

(Explanation to follow tomorrow!!)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

We think he's cute!

These are videos from the other night. We think they are so cute...but we are his parents. The first video Ryan was trying to get Seth's silly face on camera (the surprise face) but Seth gets distracted by the camera and keeps saying CHEESE!! The second video we were just trying to document the funny ways he mimics the animal noises.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christmas in Utah

For Christmas this year we went to Utah to be with my family. It has been about 3 years since we have been back for the holidays, so it felt just like old times. We were able fly thanks to my Mom. It was so awesome to not have to drive with the little car seat monster! I was a little nervous to fly with Seth since it has been about a year since we have done a plane, but on the takeoff and landing he put his arms up and was giggling!! Even during some bumpy turbulence i thought that he would get scared, but no he was laughing! We had some great fun in Utah seeing family. We were with my sister Kelsey and here kids a lot..they are the kids in the pictures with the amazing hair!!! They are so cute. We even made it the whole vacation and two plane flights without even getting sick. (It seems like everytime we go to Utah we get sick, and I hear from friends that it is the same for them....So we were super lucky) So enjoy some of our pictures from our Holiday Vacation.
(Blogger won't let me rearrange the pictures so they are all messed you get them messed up!)

We went to Discovery Gateway, which Seth LOVED! The last time we went Seth was just barely 1, and barely could have cared less about it. But not this time...there was definitely a tantrum when it was time to go home.


Playing in the ball area.

Flying a Helicopter!!! All he wanted to do was be in the Helicopter, but it was on the roof of the museum outside.. and it was freezing!!!!!

McKayden, Seth , and Mason

Daddy and Seth in the Helicopter

The Wind Tunnel. This one was also a big favorite. He sat for at least 20 minutes just putting the paper cups in the tunnel over and over and over again.
The water. I think he really could have been there all day. Seriously he was in water playing, ball through the tunnel, soaking wet heaven.

This is the only snow Utah got when we there. Pretty disappointing, but my Mom told me that the afternoon we left they got like 2 feet of snow!

More water fun!!! (Sorry Pics are mixed up!!)

CHRISTMAS!!!!!! Christmas was so fun with all the kids. My sister Kelsey and her family slept over, it was so fun. (We were only missing my other sister Hillary:( ) We did all the family traditions that we did when we were kids, it was so fun!!! My sister has a little boy Mason who is only 5 weeks older than Seth. They fought the whole time! You could tell that they are just too close in age and they like the same things. When one would open a gift the other would try to get it. It seemed like the whole morning they were both crying! But it was still fun to be with everyone.

Seth playing with his new motorized Thomas the train!!!

Putting it together!!! "Less fix it!" Seth kept saying over and over!!

An Energetic Ryan and Seth looking through the loot Santa brought in the Stockings!!

New Thomas Bath Toys! ( I think that these are seriously his favorite thing from Christmas. He still gets excited to get in the bath to get theses out.)

The first night we were there we went to the "Sugar Shack" to see Santa. As kids we always went there to see Santa, so it was fun to take Seth there....except Seth wouldn't go near him. The closest he got was to grab a candy cane.

Picking out Grammie's Christmas tree. It smelled amazing that fresh!!

Another adventure to a place called "Jungle Jims" It is an indoor little amusement park for kids. I actually had a Birthday party there when I was a kid. It was exactly the same as I remember it. The smells and rides were exactly the same. But Seth loved it!!

Seth and Mason on the Jeeps! I promise they did have fun!!!

Isn't this the perfect picture!!! All of us on the Roller coaster!!!

Well Utah we missed you and can't wait to see you again...Maybe when it warms up a bit!!!

Seth Turns 2!!!

On December 8th Seth turned 2! I cannot believe it! I don't know how the time has passed so quickly. The Sunday before his birthday we had Ryan's family over for dinner and a party. This year I made a train cake for our train obsessed little boy. I guess it was a success since Seth could recognize what it was. It definitely was a lot easier than the alligator that I attempted for his 1st birthday!! He loved all his presents and the theme of the gifts was guessed it TRAINS!! But his train table now looks awesome. On Seth's actual birthday I took him to Knott's Berry Farm during the day, than that evening we had some friends over to celebrate!