Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day, we sure do love our Daddy!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


So yesterday I was driving to my friends house and there was a sewing table in the curb with a "free" sign on it!! I was like oh my gosh it is fate, I totally want one! But I didn't have time to pick it up, so I forgot about it until later that night when I was coming home from Mutual it was still there. I got home and burst into the door to tell Ryan he had to go get it with his truck. It is just perfect to create a little sewing corner for me, so I don't have to take over the kitchen table anymore! It is amazing and I am so excited about it!!! Yay to awesome finds for FREE!!

18 months

My little Seth turned 18 months on Tuesday! My how time flies! All I can say I love him so much! He is so active and crazy sometimes, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I can't believe he is old enough for nursery. I am a little scared for the other children..... they don't know what is coming! Also this month I am going to Girls Camp. I am a little scared to leave my little boy all ready, I don't know what I will do without my little buddy!

****Warning this may gross some of you out....but I thought it was amazingly funny*****

Seth took this major dump in his diaper....look at that thing sticking out...I thought it was amazing. How did that come out of him???

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Seth LOVES apples, and has a fit anytime anyone is eating one. Usually Ryan will bite off a piece and give it to Seth. The problem is he chews it, but never swallows it. So I have chunks of chewed up apples everywhere. But this particular time Ryan set his apple he was eating on the desk. Seth saw it and grabbed it and sat down on the couch with it saying "MMMMMM, MMMMMM" So I let him have it to see what he would do with it. He ate like almost half of it, and no apple chunks. I guess this is the way to let him have it so he will swallow it!

Second attempt at the sign for apple! We think it is so cute. But of course we do!

Elmo and Seth's favorite seat!

Like I have said before Seth loves Elmo. Whenever we are in a store or at the library he always finds Elmo somewhere, somehow. When we were in San Diego over the weekend, we were staying at my Aunts house and she had this super old tickle me Elmo that her son got as a white elephant gift. It doesn't shake anymore buy it does talk still. Seth loves it and would not part with it when we left her house. So we are giving Elmo a new home for awhile.

Seth was feeding Elmo his some Wheat Thins. What a good friend!

Also you may be wondering why Seth is sitting on the couch without a cushion?? Well this new obsession started accidentally one day when Ryan left a cup of water on the ground and Seth got it and Spilled it all over the couch. So I took the cushion out to try to dry it off. Seth loves climbing and sitting on chairs now, I guess he feels like a big kid or something, but he can't get on the couch yet himself. So when I took the cushion off he got so excited and crawled onto the couch frame and sat down. Now everyday he yells at me until I pull off the cushion for him so he can sit down. He is funny.

A new love...the tramp!!!

Seth loves the Trampoline!!! We went to San Diego for a night to go see some friends of ours who were in town from Utah. Matt and Ryan were mission companions in Argentina, and then room mates in college. Matt's younger brother had his farewell so we went up to see them and their cute new baby!!!! At Matt's Parents house they had a trampoline and we could not get this kid off of it. He thought it was hilarious. We all laughed at his funny attempts at jumping.

He likes to pretend that when standing on the dishwasher door it is a trampoline! No NO No!

This seriously BUGS!!!

This is my biggest pet peeve!!! I happened to have my camera in the front seat while driving the other day. We are all completely stopped at a stop light, See the red light in the distance? Why in the world do people do this. PULL UP TO THE LINE, IDIOT!!!!! There is like space for 2 cars!! I see this all the time in California! What is it with you people!!! If you are one of these people who do this please explain this to me, I don't get it!

Memorial Day 2010

We had an awesome Memorial Day! Just relaxing in the sun, swimming, shaved ice, and BBQ! We hope you had a good day too!!

He did it!!!

I have the smartest husband in the world.. I am a little "bias"ed (get it?? Bias! ha ha) Ryan passed his first set of Boards!!!! He is 1 test closer to becoming a Doctor!!! Wahoo!!! I have to roll my eyes at him, because he said he felt like he failed some of the tests (there were 6 tests in part one of his National Board Exams), and he didn't even get close to failing one of them! He was hundreds of points above a failing score!! We are so proud of Ryan!!!