Monday, May 17, 2010

Etsy Shop

My Etsy shop is up and running! I hope I have all the quirks worked out! But I am excited to hopefully have a way to fund my mile long list of crafts and sewing projects I would like to do! So if you have some of my items all ready please tell anyone who asks you about them where they can find them. I have a button on my sidebar that will take you directly to my shop, which is

Thanks a bunch!!!

And thank you to Allie, my model!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Headband Mania

So I have been very busy lately making my newest craft... Flower Headbands!
I personally love them and think they are so cute. Everyone tells me That I should try to see these things. So here is my first attempt on my blog, I am soon going to try and open an Etsy shop and I will let you know when that is up and going. I have been making them constantly for friends and family members. The pictures don't do them justice. They are not just for little girls, I originally made them for me, so they look great on adults too. They also make great gifts!

$7 Gets you an original double layer flower headband designed and hand made by yours truly!
(I can Mail them to you if you are far away)
-Here are your color choices:
Light Pink, Hot Pink, Green, Purple, Tan, Red, Light Blue, Navy, Black, Gray, Brown, Or really any color and I can make it.

Also Pictured are some crochet flowers on clips. Those are $3 and come in the same colors. I wear one in my hair almost every day!

Just leave a comment or E-mail me if you want some. Fandangowmn04(at)aol(dot)com
Don't be shy!!

Thank You!!!
P.S. I donated 8 of my Headbands to the YW in our ward to sell at their auction for Girls camp and some of them sold for $25 dollars!

Your opinion please!

So for Mother's Day Ryan wanted to buy me a decent pair of Sunglasses. I have never had a pair probably over $10, and I have never been happy. I have a smaller narrower face and adult sunglasses just look huge on me. I would have to say my favorite pair were from the little girl store Limited TOO (Remember that store?) Anyways it doesn't help that the style now days are huge. Even the girls at Sunglasses hut were stumped because everything looked large on me, and stuck out an inch past my face.....One time the girl shouted "AHH, NO NO NO Those are horrible!"

But alas these ones surfaced at Nordstroms! I like them, but at the same time they look weird too, I am scared to commit because they were expensive (thanks extra popcorn money, we love you!) Also I am way out of touch with today's style and
I feel like it is one of those things that you are unsure about but the more you wear them you love them type of deal. But I thought I would get your opinion, Do you think they look okay on me, are they too large? Is the style all wrong for me? Really I want your opinion. What would you think if you saw me on the street wearing them? Good or Bad!

Just a side note.....I have never had any thing designer and I will have to admit I felt a little giddy after buying them. It was exhilarating... I hope Ryan makes a lot of money, because I could get used to this feeling.

Pizza Factory Breadtwists

**So I made these last night....and they were to die for and they were easy. (Don't be scared Allie they were really easy! -she is scared of bread!) So I have a confession to make I found the recipe while blog stalking. I got the recipe from a girl I used to work with in Utah. Her cooking blog is I have gotten a lot of recipes from it that are delicious. So hopefully she doesn't find this and think I am a weirdo!!

Pizza Factory Breadtwists

Recipe from

1½ cups warm water

2 Tbsp. sugar

1 Tbsp. yeast

Let that sit for 5 minutes. Then add:

3½ cups flour

1 tsp Salt

Mix until smooth then let raise for 10 minutes. Roll out dough into a large square on a floured surface. Brush with melted (real) butter mixed with garlic and then sprinkle with kosher salt. Fold in half and cut into 1 inch strips. Twist and place on a cooking sheet. Let sit for 15 to 20 minutes to raise. Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes or until golden brown. Immediately after baking, brush with more garlic butter and sprinkle with kosher salt and grated parmesan cheese.

Serve with marinara, alfredo sauce, or ranch for dipping.

*Dough also makes a great pizza dough, just roll out into a large circle, add your favorite toppings, and bake at 400 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes.

17 months

Our Seth Man is 17 months. My how the time has flown! Here is what is going on with little man:
-He talks all the time! sometimes words, most of the time it is jibber jabber, but he jibbers at me and looks at me like "Duh I just asked you a question!" He can say... Momma, Daddy, Cheesh (cheese),shoosh (shoes), star (he can even recognize the shape), and show (he wants a movie or t.v.).
-He can do some signs. I wish I would have started sooner. I don't know why I didn't since I took 3 years of sign language, but he has this video and I noticed last month that he was doing some of them, so I have started signing with him and he has picked up it up so fast. He can do from the movie, refrigerator and table. And he is so happy to show you anytime. He has this big old grin on his face. He can also do eat, apple, and milk. We are working on others.
-He is very mischievous!
-He LOVES Elmo and Sesame Street. He freaks out every time he sees the character any where, even if it is on his diaper. He will sit glued to the t.v. during Elmo's world. I don't know how this began, I don't ever remember pushing him to like Elmo, he has just totally become attached on his own. I am waiting for a special occasion to rationalize buying a stuffed animal of Elmo, because he would be so happy!! Maybe I will get him one when I go to Girls Camp with the Young women (another story all on its own!)
Watching Elmo!
-Loves jumping on the bed and playing Hide and Seek.
-He LOVES steering wheels! Funny story last night we went to the mall and he was freaking out at the rental car stroller shopping cart things they have there. He went to each one and wanted to sit in it. I swear jut for something to do I could go to the mall and just sit there for hours while he sat in them and played!
-He LOVES balls. He is very good at throwing them.... and other things so watch out if you are in his line of fire!
-He still hates riding in the car. Longer rides we have to take the DVD player and a movie OR else screaming will ensue the whole way. He really is a good kid, just don't ever try to restrain or make this kid stop moving and running around and he will be happy!
-He LOVES his blanket and binkie! Bad I know, but it is the last of his babyness!!! He will run into his room and yell until I come and get them out of his crib. He will then bury his face in his blanket while saying "ahh, mmmm" and other soothing noises!!
I am trying to work on only letting him have them when he sleeps. Some days are better than others.
-He LOVES Baby Einstein still, and hits the T.V. until I put on a "Show". That is really the only T.V. he likes.
- He dances every time he hears music. His favorite is the ending credits of the T.V. show the O.C. (thanks to the Gunn's for getting us addicted)
-He is a climber! He climbs on and in everything! He also is a really fast runner!!!

-We are having a hard time getting him to eat table food. He just loves his baby food purees! Slowly it is getting better, but he doesn't like real food!!! Any Suggestions?? I have bought a baby food processor and blending up our food doesn't work, he can tell and will not eat it!!! So is my kid going to be 5 and still eating Gerber Mac and Cheese???
With all that said I took a picture of his first lunch he ate that didn't involve baby food. I just had to document! It consisted of Strawberries (he LOVES strawberries) and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Since then it is hit and miss.I found out throughout the meal that he would get mad if I covered up Elmo on his plate. Here he is uncovering Elmo!

-Still takes two hour and a half naps!! I am so glad, cause I know most kids his age are on only one nap, and he still takes 2 glorious naps!
-Sleeps great at night 8pm to anytime between 6 and 7:30 depending on the day!
-Loves to go outside. I just tell him to get his shoes and runs to the drawer (gets his ugly beach sandals) and runs to the door!
- He had the best personality. He smiles all the time, talks, waves, and runs around. We always get stopped where ever we are and he gets so much attention even from other parents with their own little ones.
- We are one Ear infection away from a referral to Ear Nose and Throat Doctor for Tubes. So far since December 31 we have dealt with 7 ear infections. Seth currently has a cold and the Doctor said if this turns into one we are getting a referral for tubes! So sad! But definitely mine and Ryans kid (we both had trouble as kids). So far so good with this cold, Thanks to Benedryl prescribed by the doctor to dry him up so hopefully no infection!!!
There is so much more, but I won't bore you too much!
Oh and he likes to drink out of Ryan's cups he always leaves laying around for Seth to get into. But Seth is so proud!!!


Sorry to keep you all on the edge of your seat, for not posting anything in such a long time!! Just kidding. But any ways it has been a long time, so much time that I have so much stuff that it is a little overwhelming... but I will try.

A couple of weeks ago Ryan finished 5Th term of Chiropractic College (there are 10 terms) So we are officially half way done, Yay!! But he had a two week break and we were so busy everyday. Sadly I was having a brain fart and kept forgetting our camera! What was I thinking, but I have a few. Things I did not capture...
-going to the Fullerton Arboretum, Seth in heaven eating fertilizer, rolling in the leaves, biting an orange that fell off a tree and running away with it, chasing ducks, riding in the Nursery Shop wagons, and driving home with Seth just in his onesie he was so muddy and dirty. I wish we could get a wagon, He loved riding in it!
-Going to the Little Corona tide pools. It was cold, but highlights were.... Finding so many awesome shells, going with the Gunns, holding Seth for over an hour while he slept, having a squirrel JUMP on me while holding Seth sleeping, and hearing real life in the wild sea lions.
-Having "Pinks" Hot Dogs with the Kenny and Sunni Huff
-And going like a week seeing the awesome Gunn family every day. SO much so that just yesterday Ryan made a comment like this...."So you haven't talked to Allie in a while. You over it? You guys were so chummy, Did you have a falling out?" I said, "Ryan I saw her two days ago, and was over at her house all day last Wednesday!" I hope they aren't sick of us, because they are pretty awesome!
-I love popcorn money!! (Ryan's family has a kettle corn business and we did some events recently, so we had a little extra spending money.) We actually spent some of it on Eye exams for Ryan and I. Unfortunately Ryan's prescription doubled, and my eyes got even worse. Both of us needing new glasses and contacts.

I know I am forgetting some stuff, but here are some pictures that I do have of some of our adventures...

One day we took Mark and Allie to Ryan's parents house to go swimming. Look at how Huge Seth is compared to Mac. Mac is 7 months old, Seth was 16. This picture makes me laugh. I think Seth was that size at like 2 months!

Trying out the Big pool!

We went and saw the Queen Mary!! So this was fun! Some Highlights of this adventure...
-Seeing all the ghost sighting spots and Allie and I searching all over the place to have one of our own!
-The fog horn that left us all screaming and some of us crying.
-My obsession with cruises. I have never been on one before and there was a cruise ship in the harbor being boarded and I was grilling Mark about the experience of going on a cruise for like a half an hour.
-We learned, Don't try to be any where during Seth's nap time, or try to make him sleep in the stroller, it will result in a melt down of nuclear proportions for at least an hour or more!

We went to the Santa Ana Zoo! It was awesome!

We also used our awesome Knott's Berry Farm passes and spent an afternoon there. We love going ride a few roller coasters while switching off between the two of us, and refilling our souvenir Icee cups (Seth is obsessed with Icees!!) This time though we spent most of the time taking Seth on some rides. He still is pretty oblivious. He doesn't get scared or Happy, Just somewhere in between. But he loved the trucks because of the steering wheel. I tried to get him to stay down in the little cab, but he got scared so we had to bring him up with me. Seth loves Steering wheels or anything that remotely resembles one. Also we are mean parents but Seth has been on the log ride probably at least 3 times is his young life, it is pretty entertaining!

At the end of Ryan's Break we went to San Diego to visit my Aunt for the Weekend. As usual they show us a good time and are always way to generous. The Pictures are from the Botanical Gardens. It was so fun, and as you can tell Seth ended up just being in his onesie from being all muddy! Sadly my camera died half way through the park so missed so more awesome photo opps, like the bamboo forest, Ryan stealing an Avocado from a tree, feeding the minnows with wheat thins, seeing real life gigantic frogs, and the palm tree land. It was so fun.

Ryan conquered this game ( I guess you would call it a game) It is like a snow globe but it has a golf tee and you try to get the golf ball to land on it. It is pretty much impossible, so the Garton family thought. Ryan can do anything! We had to document the accomplishment!

While in San Diego we also had fun at the park playing wall ball and four square. We learned there are old school rules, and school rules.....according to Amanda my 8 year old cousin. We also went to their ritzy country club and let Seth play in the baby pool in a girl swimsuit bottom...We called him Sethala! (it is a long story, but I remember telling my Aunt that we probably were majorly confusing people..1-why is that boy wearing a girls swimsuit bottom or 2-why does that girl not have a top on!!) Oh and the boys played Tennis. Finishing the visit at my favorite place... Pat and Oscars! The bread stick are divine!!!!

The Break was awesome. I will have to admit that approaching the break I kinda dread it because Seth's routine gets thrown off, and I feel like I have to entertain another child (Ryan). But at the end of the break I am always sad to have Ryan go back to school, I kinda just get used to having him around and we sure do miss him!!!