Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Random December!!

December has been super busy for us, probably just like everyone else! But here is what we have been up to!


We Spent Christmas morning together as a little family, it was fun to start new traditions of our own. Our Christmas was small due to the fact that we are "starving students," but we had a nice breakfast and focusing on our Savior Birth and what is really important about Christmas. Later that day we went to Ryan's parents house for some more Christmas fun!

Here is something fun:

Last christmas

This Christmas

Here are just some random things from the rest of the month!

We just thought this looked funny, just like on Peanuts!

Crazy nap hair!

Riding the Merry-go-round at Knotts Merry Farm

Playing with mommy's make up

Helping daddy with his surfboard.

Tubby time!!

Irvine Park Railroad!! With Mrs. Clause

Our Stink bug!!

For New Years we went to my Aunts house in San Diego! On New Years Eve (after a trip to urgent care for Seth's ear infection!!) we went to a Car Show! It was so cool, here are some pictures that we would love to have!!!

Then to start off the new year we went down to Pasadena to look at the rose bowl floats!!

Sorry for the very long post but we love you all and we hope you have a wonderful year!!!