Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ryans fight with the concrete

I was at the skate park yesterday before work and I was skating in the pool and the side of the pool jumped out and attacked my face, shoulder, front tooth,lip and knee, I now have a swollen eye.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We had a very Happy Thanksgiving at Lindy's Moms house. We were small in numbers but it was a very fun and yummy day! Here are some pictures of the table, and Lisa cutting the turkey!!! Also I thought that I would add a picture of McKayden and Stryder playing the piano. I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Kelsey!!!

Last Monday it was my sister Kelsey's birthday. We had a fun dinner at Crown Burger, and then back to my mom's house where we had cake, and presents. Happy Birthday Kels, we all love you!!!!

Sorry I couldn't help posting these cute pictures of McKayden. She is growing up so fast!! Doesn't she look like her Mom????

A sad fish tale....

If any of you know me very well you would know that I like to do crafts but admittaly I am really not that great at them. So this semmester I signed up for a beginning handbuilding ceramics class. I thought that it would be a totally easy A for my last semester. Boy was I wrong. This class has been the biggest headache, and drama of my life. So for our third project we had to build a sculpture out of leather hard slabs. What this means is we had to build a sculpture that is 3 dimensional, all of the components have to be hollow and make it out of flat, stiff, almost dryed clay. Which is really hard to do, if you haven't ever worked with clay a lot. Well after days of stewing of what to make, and my teacher picking on me constatly, the due date was coming up quickly and I had to take all of my clay and instruments home to work on it during the weekend. So here are all of the pictures of my sculpture. It may not look like a lot, but I was dang proud of it. It ended up about a foot and half tall.

So the sad part is, I had started to let in dry out at home because I finished it. And on the transport to class, someone bumped into me and it BROKE!!! All the bubbles fell off and it just started to fall apart. I tried to put it back together in class, but since I had started to let it dry it was past the stage where I could make it work. I was so sad because I had worked so hard on it and I was pretty proud of it. Fortunaltly I have these pictures to show my one bright shinning moment as an artist.

A Pirates Life for Me!!!

BubbleShare: Share photos - Delicious Christmas Recipes.

Here is a slide show of our Halloween fun!! Thanks mom for such a fun time. We love you!!