Monday, August 10, 2009

3 YEARS!!!

On Saturday it was our 3 year wedding anniversary!! I can't believe we have been married for 3 years already! But it has been an awesome adventure and It just keeps getting better and better.

3 years ago!!!

The day began by Ryan surprising me by making me French Toast, My Favorite!!!

Then I surprised Ryan with tickets to see a USC football game. HIS FAVORITE! (It was so hard to keep this a secret, I had been wanting to do this forever and finally it worked out.)

Then to celebrate that night we went to MEDIEVAL TIMES!! That's right like on the movie Cable Guy!! I will have to say that I totally thought it was AWESOME!! I kept telling Ryan over and over again, "This is so cool!" About two weeks ago I bought the tickets and then on Wednesday we get a coupon in the mail that was buy one ticket get one free. So I decided to call and see if they would let me use the coupon, they said they couldn't give me my money back, but they would upgrade us...So instead of normal seats we got Front row center seats!! and some memorabilia stuff. But I still had some credit left so I surprised Ryan and had him Knighted King of the Castle in front of everyone, It was pretty embarrassing but it was so Awesome at the same time. We even had our Anniversary announced to everyone by the kind during the show!! It was crummy that we didn't get our money back, but we got more bang for our buck, It never hurts to ask I guess.

We had a really good dinner that we had to eat with our hands (No Utensils back then!) and I even caught a flower from our Knight, it pays to act like a idiot!(unfortunately later that night he lost in the tournament:( )

Anyways it was so much fun, maybe next year we will try the Pirate Dinner Adventure across the street!!

Angels Game

It was Mormon night at Angel stadium! It was my first time seeing a professional Baseball game. So that was pretty cool. We got all dressed up for the game in some Angel gear and had a fun time with the family. Although we could have used some binoculars, but fun none the less. Seth was a trooper the whole time, he just sat at looked around the whole time.

A Morning At The Beach

On Thursday I went in the morning with My friend Shannon to Newport Beach. It was a nice relaxing time with the kids at the beach.

The whole time while driving to the Beach Luke and Seth were holding hands!! SO CUTE

Seth loves playing in the sand, surprisingly out of all the times we go to the beach, he never has tried to put it in his mouth. He just grabs it and lets it slide through his fingers.

Seth at 8 months!!!