Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Yesterday I met my Aunts family at Disneyland. I just tagged along with them since I couldn't ride much. But it is just so much fun just to be there. That is the beauty of having a pass. We were over in California Adventure the whole day and Seth did ride the "Chew Chew" train over in BUG LAND, as well as the box balloon ride. I did get to ride the Tower of Terror and that was awesome as usual. Then we went up to their hotel room in the Grand Californian in Disneyland. I want to stay in the park some day, it was awesome. We went swimming for a while in the pool. Seth just loved to dip his hand in the water and then suck on his hand. He kept doing it over and over, so Aunt Lani coined it "pool" dip, like it was chip dip. But then we had to hurry home to feed the missionaries. But is was a fun day, and Seth was happy as a clam despite not sleeping the entire time!!! I have the best baby ever!!!

Fathers Day and a visit from Great Grandma!!

Ryan's Grandma came to California this past weekend. We had lots of fun visiting with her, and we hope we didn't scare her away with all the crazy kids running around. But I am sure she is used to it from raising all her kids! But Seth loved his Great Grandma, I have never seen him sit so still with anyone! We hope that we see her soon!

Happy Father's day Ryan!! Ryan is the greatest daddy! He works so hard for our family in school and we are so proud of him! I love you Ryan!! They are my very handsome boys!

A Three generation picture!! And might I add they are all "Daniels!" James Daniel, Ryan Daniel and Seth Daniel!

Our Little Family

Seth trying on a camo hat! Isn't he so cute!?

Family Beach Fun

On Friday we went to Huntington Beach as a Family. Ryan had a half day so we took advantage of the "hottest" day of the week. Which it totally wasn't! Word of advice to anyone outside of California---Don't plan trips to California in June!! I don't like June-gloom, I believe that is what it is called. Gloomy sums it up alright, I want to see the sky!! (Sunny in the winter and gloomy in the summer??? Go figure) Whoa.... I just got sidetracked. Anyway we went to the beach and it wasn't great beach weather but we still had fun watching daddy surf and playing in the sand!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

To Swaddle or not to Swaddle????

So all you mothers or fathers or anyone who would be knowledgeable about this....?
Seth is now six months old and he still likes to be swaddled, I think? But the problem is he is now able to get out of it, but he wakes up and cries sometimes in the night or at nap time when he gets out of it. I try really hard to get it super tight but he is just getting big and strong. So I am feeling like I need to stop swaddling him.... But how do I do that because he now associates being swaddled with sleep. We have other nap time and bedtime routines, but swaddling is part of it. I have tried not to but he just lays there and screams until I go swaddle him. I am frustrated because swaddling has worked so well, most of the time as soon as one arm gets tucked he starts shutting his eyes. I know awesome!! But what do I do now??? How do I transition him out of it?? Or should I not and just keep getting up in the night to fix his blanket, and him just wait until it doesn't work at all??? Is he like way to big for me to still be doing this??? Help please! I am pretty frustrated and don't know what to do!!

***This is him as I type this...Look closely You can see one of his arms has wriggled up and I swear I tried as hard as I could without ripping the blanket to get it tight. In a while before he is done sleeping he will wake up because he is able to move and his nap was cut short :( ***

Seth has the greatest laugh. It is so infectious and brightens my day. Sometimes he gets hyper and laughs at me folding the laundry. But every time he does this I think I need to film this, but then Ryan and I get so carried away in his laughter that we forget. But this time Ryan grabbed the camera. But the funny thing is that Seth now notices the camera and will stop doing it when he sees the camera come out, so this is the best we can do for now. But we are on a mission to get a good one for you, so stay posted.

Birthday at the L.A. Zoo

So Saturday was my Birthday. Yeah for me!! Anyways it was a fun day. Just our little family went to the L.A. Zoo! We thought we would take advantage of living closer to the city by exploring the zoo. It was awesome, with tons to see, and without a map we would have missed a bunch and maybe have gotten lost! But it was a fun day hanging out as a family.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Baby

I put Seth on the counter while I unloaded the dishwasher....not a second later he grabbed the paper towels and started pulling them off the roll and started eating them. He loved it and got mad when I took it away. It is starting already!!!!

My precious sleeping baby. I couldn't resist taking a picture

Seth in his "big boy" outfit.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Seth Growling

Our new place

So I am doing this post for my mom who wants to see what our new place looks like. It is so great. I wish the pictures were better, but it is a great little space with a ton of room. I wish I could explain it better, but there is a ton of storage and our living room and dining room are both very spacious. We are very comfortable here. It is so great to have daddy around more. Yesterday he came home for lunch and then we went and watched him play intramural volleyball at his school that evening. Ryan loved showing Seth off to all of his classmates at school. I think this was a great thing for us and I am super duper excited. So here are some pictures, and remember that we just moved in on Saturday so it is still kinda rough. You know finding places for everything... But enjoy!

Dining Room/Bike Storage


Seth's Room

Our Room

Living Room

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I love this !!!

I saw this on a friends blog and I absolutely love it! It is an arrangement by Jon Schmidt. It is called Love Story (Taylor Swift) meets Viva La Vida(cold play). I love cold play but I never have gotten into Taylor Swift but this song is amazing. Also for those of you who don't know, I used to play the cello while growing up and when I got into High School I gave it up, and I am very sad I did. I kinda felt I had to choose between Dance and the Cello. But when Ryan and I have a little more money I am going to pick it up again, and this song made me want to even more. It is kinda long but I am sure you will be glued to it like I was and still am. The ending is awesome. I am sure you will like this song...Maybe not. But I do! I just love a good song without trashy lyrics and even better an instrumental song that is awesome. Ever since I have found this whenever I have gotten stressed or Seth is crabby I just put it on and I feel so much better. (Sorry you will have to pause my music at the bottom....I need a new play list bad) Enjoy!!! ( I need to pack...We move SATURDAY!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Alligator Talk

The other day Seth and I were playing and I put his Alligator in front of him and it looked like he was talking to him. So I hurried and grabbed the camera. I thought it was so cute. And thanks Aunt Hillary for the Alligator and all the other goodies!!

6 Months!!!

Today I had my six month checkup. I am not 6 months til Monday, but since we're moving I had it today. I am a growing boy I am 19 Lbs 6 oz. and 26 inches long. Daddy says that I am going to be a football star and make him lots of money! Whatever dad!!! Anyways I only cried a little bit when I got my shots, and was smiling and laughing a few minutes later. Here is what I can do:
-I can roll over from my belly to my back. I can't roll from my back to my belly yet, but who would want to be on their belly anyway??
-I like to play with toys and chew on them, and pass them from hand to hand.
-I go to bed at around 8:30 and sleep til 6:00. I like mornings that is when I talk the most!
-I like my baby food especially prunes!!!
-I take 3 naps, two hour and half naps and one one hour nap.
-I even put myself to sleep. Mommy just lays me in my crib all wrapped up tight and I close my eyes and go to sleep without much of a whine.
-I love my baths that daddy gives me.
-I think everyone is so hilarious, I laugh at everyone I see, and give them smiles. All the ladies love me because I am a big flirt!
- I pull down all my toys on my bouncy seat, and I know how to make the music play too!
- I don't have any teeth yet, but the doctor said they are coming because my bottom gums are swollen! I like to chew chew chew on my thumb and I even won my own wet t-shirt contest with my own drool!!
-I love paper. Mommy and I have this game that we play. You see mommy printed out some black and white pictures for me to look at while she changes my diaper. I like to rip them down, and she puts them back up, and I rip them down again!!! It is so fun!!

You see I am such a delightful baby and I am learning and growing so much. My mommy and daddy are sad because they don't know where their little baby went!! But they are excited to see me grow and learn even more. See you later I need to take a nap.