Tuesday, July 1, 2008

16 Weeks

This is my small, sort of visible baby bump. To others it may just look like some extra weight, but to me I can tell a bit of a difference. But it is weird how your body changes.


Yesterday we went and saw Wall-e. A very very cute movie. But we thought the day would never come when we could go see it. Right when we moved to California our niece Corrine who wasn't even two yet would walk around saying "Waallee" and it was so cute. Being two she didn't understand that we couldn't go see the movie yet because it wasn't out yet, we would say let's go watch Wall-e (and we would watch the movie trailer on the Internet). That seemed to satisfy her for many many months. It was so fun to watch our two nieces watch the movie with big eyes and huge grins on their faces the entire time! Much to Ryan's dismay, after the movie Corrine is still convinced that Eve is Wall-e's mommy, not his girlfriend. I keep telling Ryan to give up because he is not going to win this argument.