Friday, June 8, 2012

Utah Trip (May 2012)

The beginning of May Seth and I traveled to Utah for much needed time with my family. Seth loved flying on the airplane, and did really well. Once in Utah he had a blast playing with all of Grammie's toys. Seth and cousin Mason had lots of fun playing together.

The trampoline was a big hit! I think Seth was out there several times a day. He had a fun time perfecting his tricks!

Grammie even got in on the fun playing with the grand kids. I tried to jump once and it was such a weird feeling with a very large baby belly!

Bath time was grand in Grammie's big tub

We went and visited Grammie and Aunt Kelsey at work and played in the playroom for awhile.
We paid a visit to Discovery Gateway.

Seth's favorite part was the grocery store.....we left there in complete meltdown status!

Bedtime stories with Grammie and cousins
We went and watched Mason's soccer game. Seth loved it and wanted to go play too.
We went to a high school friends daughter's birthday party on Cinco de Mayo!
Baby brother got in on the fun too!
Donkey rides

On Sunday we celebrated Stryder's birthday..and true to tradition. He got a themed birthday cake. Since Stryder is leaving on a mission he got a white shirt and tie cake!

We visited Wheeler farm

Seth loved sitting on all of the tractors

We had lots of fun just playing at Grammie's house with cousins and Grammie!

This picture was taken the morning we left. Seth was really sad that we were leaving and wouldn't look at the camera. The main reason we went to Utah at this time was to say Goodbye to my brother Stryder who left on a mission on June 6, 2012 to Kenniwick, Washington. Since I am nearing the end of my pregnancy I couldn't be there for his farewell, so we came to say goodbye a little early. Love my "little" brother!

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Blake and Brandi Beck said...

oh my heavens ... I can NOT believe Stryder is going on a mission he was such a little turd last time I saw him. then again we have almost been out of high school for ten years. craziness.